Protecting the public and
guiding the professions


The Health Professions Council of South Africa is a statutory body, established in terms of the Health Professions Act and is committed to protecting the public and guiding the professions.

Organisational Structure

Professional Boards

Professional Boards The Professional Boards are co-ordinating bodies for all the healthcare practitioners registered with us. The respective boards that are established for a specific profession, deal with any matters relating to a specific profession. These boards consist of members appointed by the Minister of Health , educational institutions and nominated members. All matters affecting education and training, as well as the professional conduct and practice of the relevant professions, remain the responsibility of the Professional Boards . The professional boards provide better control over the training, registration and practices of practitioners of health professions, and to provide for matters incidental thereto.

The HPCSA has 12 Professional Boards.

All of the 12 Boards have at least one professional title that is protected by law. This means that anyone using the titles such as 'physiotherapist'; 'dietitian'; 'dentists' must be registered with us.

It is a criminal offence for someone to claim that they are registered with us when they are not, or to use a protected title that they are not entitled to use. We will prosecute people who commit these crimes.