Protecting the public and
guiding the professions


The Health Professions Council of South Africa is a statutory body, established in terms of the Health Professions Act and is committed to protecting the public and guiding the professions.


Managing Risk

Managing Risk The HPCSA regards Corporate Governance and the management of risk as fundamental mechanisms to drive good organisational practice and is committed to ensuring that good governance is practiced. Our processes and practices have their origin in the principles of integrity and accountability. This is evidenced through the decision making and compliance with our legal obligations and the judicious use of our funds.

The Council, through the Audit and Risk Management Committee acknowledges its overall accountability for ensuring effective results driven, integrated risk management process. The responsibility for management of risk resides with the line management of risk in all divisions and departments. Those accountable for management of risk also ensure that all necessary controls are in place and are effective at all times. Control effectiveness focuses on improving our ability to manage risk effectively, so that we can quickly and confidently act on opportunities to improve and achieve sustainability.

The HPCSA has a zero tolerance policy towards fraud and other acts of dishonesty. Our commitment to combating all forms of fraud remains steadfast and to this end we remain proactive in the fight against fraud and other white collar crime. Council is committed to an exemplary standard of business ethics and transparency, and all councilors, board members and staff are bound by a code of conduct.