We are constituted in terms of the Regulations relating to the Constitution of the Professional Board for Psychology, Regulation No. R1249 dated 28 November 2008. The current Board will hold office until June 2015






The following professions are registered under our auspices:

  • Psychologists
  • Intern Psychologists
  • Student Psychologists
  • Registered Counsellors
  • Psychometrists
  • Psychotechnicians

There are five categories of registration in psychology, i.e. Clinical, Counselling, Educational, Industrial and Research Psychology.

Scope of the profession and scope of practice


The scope of the profession of Psychology was promulgated in government gazette No. R 993 of 16 September 2008 » read more

In addition the scope of practice was finally promulgated on 2 September 2011 under government gazette No. R 704 » read more



  • Psychology Newsletter - August 2013


  • I am pleased to announce that early this year, the Board approved the registration of neuropsychology and forensic psychology as new categories. We are currently attending to the outstanding legislative issues associated with this step.

  • » read more
  • Psychology Newsletter - July 2012


  • The philosophy of the Board that informs the proposed new Scope of the Profession and Scope of Practice regulations will be conveyed. This will inform further discussions on the suggested guidelines for implementation, the alignment of education and training, and registration categories and Registers.

  • » read more




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