Protecting the public and
guiding the professions

For Professionals

The Council regulates the health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional conduct and ethical behaviour, ensuring continuing professional development, and fostering compliance with healthcare standards.

Professional Boards


Radiography is the science of X-rays and other high-energy radiation in the practice of medicine. 
Clinical Technology is a profession concerned with the entire human body and the functioning of its organs. Clinical Technology uses specialized procedures and sophisticated apparatus to diagnose and help with corrective treatment for patients. 

The Board was established in February 2004 and the current Professional Board will hold office until June 2020. 
To be an effective regulator of the radiography and clinical technology professions

The Radiography and Clinical Technology Board strives to:
  • Set and monitor compliance to quality norms, standards and guidelines
  • Promote ethical practice and protection of the public
  • Proactively engage and collaborate with all stakeholders (internal & external)
  • Timeously respond to the needs of stakeholders
  • Function in an effective and efficient manner

The following professional groups are registered under the auspices:
  • Clinical Technologists
  • Student Clinical Technologists
  • Graduate Clinical Technologists
  • Student Radiographers
  • Radiographers
  • Electro-Encephalographic Technicians
  • Student Electro-Encephalographic Technicians
  • Supplementary Radiation Laboratory Technologists
  • Supplementary Diagnostic Radiographers
  • Student Supplementary Diagnostic Radiographers
  • Restricted Supp Diag Radiographers
  • Radiation Laboratory Technologists
  • Student Radiation Laboratory Technologists
  • Supplementary Clinical Technologists
  • Suppl Electro-Enceph Technicians