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guiding the professions

For Professionals

The Council regulates the health professions in the country in aspects pertaining to registration, education and training, professional conduct and ethical behaviour, ensuring continuing professional development, and fostering compliance with healthcare standards.

Professional Boards


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Registration of Student Environmental Health Practitioners i. Form 53
ii. Certified copy of ID document or passport with a clear photograph
iii. Registration fee: as indicated in the form
Registration as Environmental Health Practitioners a) SA Qualification (HI) (Community Service)
  • Original form 23 Community Service, duly completed by applicant and University.
  • A copy of ID document.
  • Registration fee: R554.00 plus pro rata annual fee.
  • A copy of registration certificate with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.
  • Registered in the category: Public Service-Community Service
b) Independent Practice
i. Form 23 Independent Practice, duly completed
ii. Form 27 Comm Serv Completed

c) Foreign Qualified Practitioners
i. Form 23 Independent Practice, duly completed (refer to the Board Manager for submission of the application to the Professional Board)
ii. Form 176 DOH FWMP
ii. Form 176
Registration of Additional Qualifications i. Form 19 and original certificate or a copy certified by a Notary Public
ii. Registration fee: as indicated in the form
Registration as Environmental Assistant i. Form 176  for EHP Assistants
 The following are the application forms you need to complete for registration: 

Application for registration as a Student (Form 53) Download form
Community Service
Form 23 - To perform Community Service Download form
Community Service (upon completion)
Form 27 - (Generic) Completion of Community Service   Download form
Registration of Foreign Qualified
Form 176 EHP Download form
Application for Registration
Form 176 EHP - Environmental Health Assistants Download form
Additional Qualifications
Additional Qualifications (Form 19) Download form